Billion Dollar Barack Vs. Mitt The Millionaire! Who Represents Us?

We live in a representative democracy, right? Well, at least that is what we have been told by our teachers and our society growing up.  We have always heard how great America is because it is run “by the people, for the people”.  But is this really the case, or is it largely propaganda?  Well, lets look at the facts: Barack Obama is predicted to spend around 1 billion dollars on his re-election campaign.  Of course, Obama is not a billionaire himself, but he is definitely a millionaire, with or without the job of president.  And the fact that he has to raise that amount of cash to feel comfortable in a re-election bid is telling, no doubt.  Mitt Romney, Obama’s likely competitor in the upcoming general election has a net worth of 250 million dollars; more then the last 8 presidents combined.  Romney’s father was also a millionaire.  This means our little wanna-be leader has had a silver spoon stuck up his ass for his entire life, and trust me, it shows.  He seems so out of touch with regular Americans.  He has said many things during this campaign which reveal the mindset of a life-long million dollar baby.  For example, when talking about his tax rate, he admitted he makes most of his money from investments and said he “doesn’t make very much” from speeches he is paid to give.  Well it turns out that he makes over 320,000 dollars a year just to give those speeches.  News flash for Mr. Romney, 320,000 dollars is a FUCK TON for most of us.  He also attempted to make a 10,000 dollar bet on live television during a republican debate over a quibble he was having with Rick Perry.  The ease with which he offered a 10,000 dollar wager is comparable to the ease us normal folk would make a 1 dollar wager!  He has been recorded arguing that “corporations are people too”, and his previous job was working for a firm whose job it was to buy a business, fire hundreds and sometimes thousands of workers, then selling that business for a profit.  He reminds you of the asshole that laid off your dad, and truth be told, he might very well have been that asshole!

But this raises a deeper question, how can such privileged, wealthy men represent the people (especially in a recession)! For instance, how can someone like Romney understand, much less feel empathy, for people who live paycheck to paycheck or struggle between going to the doctor for an illness or paying their rent?  How can Obama spend a billion dollars for a campaign when 1/4th of American children go to sleep hungry every night? And if we really do have a representative democracy, then how can over 50% of congressmen be millionaires, while only about 1% of the American population are millionaires?  Why do you have to have more cash then most of us make in a lifetime just to run for high office in this country? And, given all these facts, why are we surprised when these cunts drop to their knees in the face of rich lobbyists representing rich people’s interest? And why do we expect anything other then full corruption when we allow money to run our entire political system?

No matter who we vote for this election, nothing will change.
No matter who we vote for this election, money will still be god.  
No matter who we vote for this election, the poor will stay poor and the rich will get richer.

The system is evil; it is the unholy union between big government and big corporations and we are just the pawns used in their game.  Whether we are bailing out billionaire bank CEO’s or sending our friends and family members to fight and die for western corporate interests, the fact remains the same: THEY DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT US. 

So go cast your vote, let your voice be heard, but if the Obama presidency has taught us anything at all, its that hope and change are empty slogans, and once Mr. ______ (fill in the blank) takes office he will forget about you and I and immediately start sucking the corporate dick, because that is just what politicians do.  And all we can do is sit back and wait for the money shot (pun intended).

God Bless America, land of the snakes, home of the dirty knees…


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