To My Fellow Americans, In Regards To The 2016 Election…

… by all means, vote against Trump.

But never forget that Hillary will intensify the very neoliberal economic policies (which essentially favors the interests of international finance capitalism over the interests of working and poor people in any given country) that ultimately gives rise to the reactionary, white nationalist backlash of which Trump is the current figurehead.

Fascism (as we see on the rise in parts of Europe) and it’s slightly more moderate, Americanized version: white nationalism, are a reaction against the economic conditions created by neoliberal policies pushed by the Establishment of both parties in this country. It’s the wrong reaction, to be sure; and it doesn’t understand the causes and effects at play sufficiently enough to solve the problems at hand. But voting for Hillary to defeat this movement, which is currently coalescing behind Trump, is like throwing gasoline on a fire to put it out.

And voting for Trump would be the equivalent of just starting a hundred more fires, of course. Both choices are bad in that fundamental way.

The sophisticated response to neoliberalism, to be sure, is the international and intersectional solidarity, the emphasis on economic and political equality, and the social and cultural progress pushed by the radical Left.

But since that option is unlikely to be taken seriously any time soon, it seems we are in a pretty shitty situation as a country and as a world. There’s not a lot of reason for optimism at the moment. But as long as we are trying; as long as we are standing up for what’s just; as long as we are fighting; and as long as we have each others backs; there is always SOME room for hope and optimism…


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