The Cynicism Of Millennials (And Why Its A Good Thing)

The cynicism of Millennials, while often only portrayed as a negative, actually has the positive effect of making us hyper-sensitive to inauthenticity in others, but especially in people of power.

We are an extremely cynical and irony-wielding generation, for sure, but the other side of that coin is that we are appropriately skeptical, and that skeptical orientation to reality fosters in us a healthy distrust of bullshit artists of all kinds; whether in politics, in business, in pop culture, or in the people we interact with on a day to day basis.

We see naïveté as the ultimate social sin, and so we deploy irony and pessimism in order to shield ourselves from that specific criticism to some extent, but also to prod for authenticity in the people around us.

Perhaps this general trait of millennials will culminate in some interesting social, political, and cultural realities when we are the generation in power.


One thought on “The Cynicism Of Millennials (And Why Its A Good Thing)

  1. Very true.. the new people being born now bring about a shift in human consciousness. Something good is happening… 🙂

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