My May Day Rally Speech, 2018

On this May Day I want to remind all of us of the honorable tradition that we stand firmly in. A tradition of regular people, always poor and working class, standing up against monsters of all kinds. This holiday that we call May Day was forged right here in America; forged atop stolen land by those who were brutally oppressed and exploited by the very class structure that tore its way through this land; rooted in genocide, built by slavery, and maintained through endless imperialism. From the first time colonizers touched foot on the shores of this New World, there has been resistance from the our indigenous brothers and sisters who, for millennia, called this land home. From the first time slave masters operationalized capitalist logic by kidnapping Africans from their homes and bringing them here to profit off their forced labor, there has been resistance from our African brothers and sister who stood up and rebelled against their oppressors. From the first time Chinese and Latinx people were imported by capitalists to build railroads and grow food in horrific conditions for little to no pay, immigrants of all stripes have resisted their exploitation and fought for basic human dignity and fair pay. From the first time women were subjugated to second class citizen status in a brutal patriarchal order which viewed them as the property of men, women have organized and fought back against gendered violence and oppression. And, from the earliest days of industrial capitalism, where working people of all stripes, including children, were mercilessly used, grinded to dust by toil, and thrown away by the owning class who viewed them as nothing more than mere commodities, the proletariat have armed and defended themselves and shed blood, often times their own, in the name of liberation.

It is this struggle, this lineage, and this tradition that we all stand in and that we honor today. And lets talk about today! Today, the three richest American men own more wealth than the bottom 50% of Americans *Combined*. Today, over 50 million Americans live below the poverty line, struggling to keep a roof over their head, food in their bellies, and medicine in the cabinet. Today, 25% of the worlds prisoners, an astounding 1/4th of all people locked in cages on Planet Earth, are locked in cages here in the United States of America. Today, the environment is being systematically destroyed in the zealous pursuit of profit at all costs as our children’s futures are sacrificed on the altar of endless growth. Today, trillions upon trillions of our tax dollars are funneled away from social programs like healthcare and education and into the pockets of arms manufacturers who produce weapons and bombs that are dropped on the heads of innocent human beings across the planet.

The struggles of our ancestors, who created this holiday we are celebrating right now by spilling their blood in the name of better wages, better working conditions, and a better life for their families, continues to this day. We are not trying to start a class war, how could we? Class war has already been raging for centuries. We are already in it; and the ruling class, the capitalist class, the owning class, what we Marxists call The Bourgeoisie, have been winning. We are merely standing up, as poor and working people, and defending ourselves in a class war that explodes all around us every single day.

We want a better world, a more equal world. A world where systematic oppression, injustice, exploitation, and endless war are tossed into the dustbin of history, and where every human being can live a life worth living. A life where their physical material needs, as well as their mental and emotional needs, are systematically met by society, not sneered at and neglected.

Our rulers want us to believe that there is no alternative. That this is the best we can do as a society and as a species; just like Kings and Queens of the past told their subjects that their role as rulers was ordained by God, and that nothing could be done about it. But we reject this cynicism and defeatism. We reject the lies of our masters who live lives of unimaginable luxury and comfort on the back of the international working class.

A better world is possible. A world where people of all colors, all religions, all genders, all ethnicities, and all orientations can come together in cooperation and solidarity and build a sustainable, egalitarian world.

It is true that our flag is red with the blood of our martyrs. It is true that our society is burdened by the weight of dead generations. It is true that the forces of fascist reaction and neoliberal exploitation are on the move, looking to divide us so that we can more easily be crushed. But when I look out at all of you today, and when I think of the hundreds of thousands of similar rallies being held all over the planet as I speak, my heart swells with hope and optimism. This system, and the vampires perched atop its unjust hierarchies of wealth and power, cannot last forever. And with every blow they strike against us, with every pound of pressure used to push their boots further into our throats, and with every cynical attempt to confuse and pacify us with their ideological conditioning, we are roused out of our sleep a little bit more.

Lets live lives of meaning. Lets engage in the struggle for liberation. Lets fight back against those who want nothing more than for us to go to our meaningless jobs everyday obediently, who want us to consume their shitty plastic products endlessly, and who want us, when we’ve exhausted our bodies and minds working for them, to fall silently into our graves and hand over our children to their domination in the process.

We have nothing to lose but our chains.
Solidarity to all oppressed people.


Episode 2: GOP Tax Bill, Net Neutrality, Police Brutality, and The Informal Anarchist Federation

On episode two of The Guillotine, Dr. Bones from the Conjure House and Brett from Revolutionary Left Radio discuss the new GOP tax bill, the FCC decision to dismantle Net Neutrality, the murder of Daniel Shaver and the acquittal of Phillip Brailsford, and the Santiago Maldonado Cell of the Informal Anarchist Federation.

We also take live calls from listeners. 



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The Dismantling of Net Neutrality and the Socialist Solution

We are all upset and outraged at the recent dismantling of Net Neutrality; however, it’s essential to understand the broader context within which this attack on the internet is taking place. As neoliberal late capitalism spirals the drain and continues to devour everything in its path, there will be an intensified effort to dismantle and privatize what we call the “commons”: places and resources and institutions that are meant to be accessible to the general public regardless of the amount of money one happens to have in their bank account. This attack on the internet is an attack on the very idea that some things should be free and open to everyone and not privatized and sold back to us at inflated prices in order to increase the profit margins of a handful of already extremely rich and powerful corporations. If we zoom out a bit, we can see this vampiric attack on the commons in many other areas: for example, the Trump administration recently issued an executive order dramatically shrinking the size of two national monuments in Utah, reducing the acreage of protected public land by 80% in one case in order to open them up to drilling by oil and gas companies. From healthcare to prisons to education, we are facing a corporate onslaught from all angles, and working people are being robbed, beaten down, and tossed aside at every turn.

This disgusting excuse for political system has also begun dropping even the *pretense* of democracy and representative republicanism. Over 80% of Americans were opposed to the dismantling of Net Neutrality, and getting 80% of Americans to agree on anything these days is damn near impossible. Additionally, our two “choices” for president, Clinton and Trump, each had Disapproval ratings in the 60-70% range *during the campaign*. And finally, this new GOP tax bill which seeks to transfer 1.5 Trillion dollars away from working Americans and into the pockets of the already extremely rich has only a 30% approval rating from the general population. Yet despite these clear numbers, Net Neutrality was gutted, Trump and Clinton were our choices, and this horrifically cruel GOP tax bill is almost certainly going to be passed into law. We do not live in anything even resembling a democracy, and getting to choose every few years between a handful of representatives of the ruling class doesn’t change that. We live in the Dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, of the capitalist class. They don’t give a fuck what you and I think, they will do whatever they want to do, and we are expected to sit down, shut up, and take it…

But I do not want us merely to despair; if they want a fight, they will get one. And with every sociopathic policy move they make, they stir more and more of us into action. Karl Marx once said that capitalism produces its own gravediggers, and here we all are, with nothing but shovels and plenty of dirt… we weren’t born to bend the knee, we were born to knock off crowns from atop the heads of kings.

And when it comes to the internet, the liberal solution of net neutrality has failed to hold up. Now its time for a socialist solution: if the internet infrastructure is a neutral public carrier of data, then it should be publicly owned by the cities. The internet is a utility, and in this modern world, if you don’t have equal and free access to it, you are at a material disadvantage. Net Neutrality was great, but it wasn’t enough. The internet belongs in the hands of the people; it should be a public utility and access to it should be a protected right. After all, public spending built the internet, capitalists merely sold it back to us at a premium. Its time to get the corporate vampires completely out of the equation and bring the internet under democratic, collective control. That should be our goal, and every move we make in this fight, that goal should be held firmly in our minds. And its not some utopian idea either, its precisely what happened in Chattanooga Tennessee. That mid-sized city, not at all unlike our own, was fed up with private corporation’s inability to provide low cost, high speed access to the internet, so they did it themselves. Now the internet in Chattanooga is democratically owned by the people of that city, costs have gone down, and internet speeds skyrocketed past the speeds offered by the big private corporations.

This fight is just beginning, and as long as we have capitalism, we will have to keep fighting these battles off and on indefinitely. In fact, the very idea of destroying net neutrality in the first place would be inconceivable in a democratic society run by and for regular working people. *Only* in a system where the super rich and private corporations have wildly disproportionate power and influence would this ever even be an issue in the first place. But the single biggest blow we could hit them with would be to respond to this assault on the commons by wrenching their greedy, blood stained fingers off our internet and taking back what is rightfully ours. In order to do this, we have to organize here in Omaha, put massive pressure on our local representatives, and normalize this idea within our social circles as well as online. Let people know that a better way of doing things is a possibility, and then fight like hell to make it a reality.

We live in an uncertain time; the 21st century is perhaps the largest and most important crossroads in the history of our species. The class war is being intensified on every front and from every direction. What we need now more than ever is a national working class movement that can rise to the challenges of our time and fight back against the blood-soaked corporate and imperialist monsters who wish to plunder and loot every corner of this planet.

Time is running out, and our choice, in the words of the great revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg, is clearer today than its ever been: Socialism or Barbarism.

Gothic Marxism: The Horror Genre and the Monsters of Neoliberalism

TheLitCritGuy is a precariously employed, struggling academic and the internet’s foremost literary critic, bringing literary theory and criticism to the widest possible audience. He writes for a variety of online platforms about things as diverse as theory, philosophy, gothic and horror literature and film, the internet, politics and pop-culture. In his academic research he writes about gothic literature, theology, continental philosophy of religion and monsters and will be submitting his PhD in Sept 2017. He lives somewhere in the north of England, with his beautiful wife and their many books.
Jon sits down with Brett to discuss Gothic Marxism.

Topics Include: Gothic literature, Karl Marx, Neoliberalism as a mode and style of vacuous politics, Nihilism, Nostalgia, Postmodernism, Centrism, Films as Cultural Dreams, Zombies, Vampires, and much, much more!



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In Defense of Che Guevara: Analyzing his Life and Answering his Critics

Dr. Thoreau Redcrow is an American academic with a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis with a concentration in Global Conflict. Thoreau is a researcher who specializes in studying armed guerrilla movements, and who has over a decade of experience studying the life and legacy of Che Guevara. His prior investigations into Che’s biography have taken him to Cuba to speak to those who knew and fought alongside Che, as well as to other arenas around the world which have been influenced by Che Guevara’s armed struggle.

Brett sits down with Dr. Redcrow to discuss the Argentine Marxist revolutionary; including an entire segment of the podcast dedicated to debunking many of the right-wing and anti-communist lies about him.
Topics Include: Che’s childhood, the political context out of which Che emerged, the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, debunking lies and slander about Che, The Bay of Pigs, Anti-Imperialism, “Guevarism”, Marx, Lenin, and much, MUCH more!



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NEW PODCAST: The Guillotine, Ep 1

We are introducing the first episode of a brand new spin-off podcast called The Guillotine. Brett from Revolutionary Left Radio and Dr. Bones from The Conjure House host this brand new show that covers current news around the world from a revolutionary communist and anarchist perspective and that has live call-ins from listeners.

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The Paris Commune: A Brief Blossoming of Proletarian Power

Mitchell Abidor is a leftist writer and translator. He is the principal French translator for the Marxist Internet Archive; Abidor has translated hundreds of texts, in multiple different languages, and published numerous collections from a myriad of radical political writers, from 17th Century France to Revolutionary Russia. His books include anthologies of the anarchist writings of Victor Serge, on the propagandists of the deed, the Paris Commune, the left of the French Revolution, and French anarchist individualists. He is also the author of, among other works, “Voices of the Paris Commune”. 

Find his profile on the Marxist Internet Archive here:

Topics Include: The Paris Commune, French Napoleonic Imperialism, Marx and Engels, Anarchism, The Communards, Factions within the Commune, the role of Women in the Commune, The French Revolution, and much more! 



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